Regis Brasme
1st year of DSAA Interactive Design in Villefontaine, France
+33(0)768 289 390

Student in Interactive Design, I’m currently looking for an apprenticeship contract for the year 2023 :)

(FR) Étudiant en design interactif, je suis actuellement à la recherche d’un contrat en apprentissage pour l’année 2023 :)
Professional experiences

︎︎︎ (Solyft) 1 year apprenticeship as a UI and UX designer in the Lyon-based start-up studio «Solyft︎︎︎», Lyon (2021︎︎︎2022)

︎︎︎ (CEA Grenoble) 4 weeks of collaboration with the innovation space Y.SPOT for the creation of interactive demonstrators (2022)

︎︎︎ (E-Demain) 4 weeks of internship as UI and UX designer in the «Lowit︎︎︎» project, managed by «E-Demain︎︎︎», Lyon (2021)

︎︎︎ (CHU de Lyon)(Trira)(Expire) Occasional missions as UI and UX designer for the CHU de Lyon, «Trira︎︎︎» and «Expire︎︎︎» (2021)

︎︎︎ (Ingenius) 6 weeks internship as a digital graphic designer in the architecture office «Ingenius︎︎︎», Minzier (2019)

︎︎︎ 16 weeks internship as a graphic designer in the communication agency «Prisme︎︎︎», Grenoble (2017︎︎︎2018)


︎︎︎ (Flex Festival) Exhibitions of works around the collaboration with AI during «Digital Expansion︎︎︎» exhibition, Montreuil (2023)

01. DSAA in Interactive Design at the Ecole Supérieure de Design de Villefontaine (2022)

02. DNMADe Numérique (digital design) with a specialization in graphic design at the Ecole Supérieure de Design de Villefontaine (2019︎︎︎2022)

03. Baccalauréat Professionnel de Communication Visuelle et Plurimédia (CVPM) at André Argouges high school, Grenoble (2016︎︎︎2019)

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Reflect (2021︎︎︎2022)
⬤ Interface, Visual identity

Become invisible on the web without conditions thanks to Reflect, a decentralized and federalized VPN platform developped by Coldwire.

        Reflect is a platform providing decentralized and federated peer-to-peer virtual private network (VPN) services to protect its users from global surveillance.
           Within this project, the objective was to set up a graphic language and a coherent and ergonomic design system. The product is currently in production.

The visual identity here refers to the nodes inherent to p2p networks, where each user becomes a temporary station to transmit and host data.

Both discreet and consistent, the feature reuses patterns already known to users of the Youtube application to support the rapid adoption of users.
Youtube “Watch With” (2022)
⬤ Interface, User experience

After the pandemic, what if Youtube allowed us to get closer by offering shared viewing rooms?

        During the pandemic, YouTube experienced the most important growth of all social media applications.
        In this context, Youtube "Watch With" presents itself as a real opportunity by responding to the problem of distance from loved ones through the implementation of a shared viewing system that allows several people to enjoy a video together.
        The challenge here was to imagine and design a new functionality, integrating with the existing one and allowing a new experience without disrupting the user's landmarks.

While the pandemic has kept us apart, this feature offers an opportunity for group viewing, regardless of the distance between the members.

︎︎︎ Interactive prototype
︎︎︎ Case study

Collaboration between different innovation actors (engineers, developers, sales, project managers, etc.)

Confidential missions within the start-up studio Solyft (2021︎︎︎2022)
⬤ Interface, Design system, User experience

Design and ideation around the interface of products aimed at specific business, with a focus on the user journey within the prototypes of the design system structure.

        The various interface design missions were as complex as they were exciting, and they called upon all my skills and made my professional abilities evolve in order to ensure a creative and technical response that was as accurate as possible. In close contact with the key players in the design chain, I was able to question existing principles, show creative initiative, but also to immerse myself in the business issues associated with the projects by taking a step back.
        I have been involved in important projects with major companies such as Total Energies, EDF or La Poste.

Font Library (2022)
⬤ Interface, Visual identity

While Font Library is positioning itself as an important player in the field of free typography, how can we highlight the the diversity of the catalog while making the related licenses more accessible?

︎︎︎ Interactive prototype

        Open Font Library is a website dedicated to hosting freely licensed fonts and encouraging their collaborative development.
        Together with Clément Renaud, an important actor of the open-source and digital culture, we brought a critical thought on the existing in order to imagine a future to the platform, through hypothetical and singular experiments.

In this proposition, the effect of the visual accumulation aims to suggest a vast library organized by colors, whose hues correspond to the licenses.

The colored gradation corresponds here to three levels of authorizations (free, conditional, restricted) granted by each license present on the platform.

Design of Figma plugins and integrations allowing the AI to influence the designer's work plan.
Compagnon (2021︎︎︎2022)
⬤ Experimental, Interface

How to design an estimable and coherent experience for the interface designer in his practice allowing him to fully collaborate with an AI model?

        Compagnon is a diploma project aiming at developing collaborative systems between generative AI models and designers. These issues led me to question the relational relationship of interaction, communication but also appropriation between the human designer and the AI in the context of interface design.
      The "companions" are interactive mediation devices between human designers and complex generative AI models. They invite the user to interact in a singular way in order to leave a margin of indeterminacy to the AI, giving it a form of freedom. The designer is then not master of all the ins and outs, sharing the responsibility of design with the AI, in a full collaborative dynamic.
This experimental project is the result of the thoughts expressed in my philosophical dissertation, concerning the complex relationship between the machine and true creation, at first sight fundamentally human, but especially how to conciliate the AI and the human designer.

"AI seems to reverse our approach to creation and allows us to envisage new possibilities. [...] Perhaps it would then allow Man, by acting alongside it, to preserve himself from computational behaviors and to renew his creative practice. We could then imagine its concrete future in the design world in which we would evolve hand in hand with AI, perhaps even a new profession dedicated to the mediation between Man and machine, allowing to envisage new creative perspectives."

︎︎︎ For a creating AI: AI in the context of artistic creation

Project in collaboration with Y.SPOT and CEA Minatech Grenoble for the third edition of DEMOLAB workshop.

⬤ Experimental, Mediation

Interactive and sensory experimental installation aiming at explaining DDoS type cyber-attacks through a double visualization, both technical and immersive. Prototyping in team with Romina Alfieri.

Prototype of mediation device realized within the framework of the partnership between CEA Grenoble and DSAA Villefontaine.

Make some noise (2020)
⬤ Editorial

Editorial identity for the 2020 conference cycle "Make some noise" taking place at Grame in Lyon with the theme of noise music.

        Noise music is a musical genre characterized by the assembly of sounds commonly perceived as unpleasant or painful, taking the opposite view of the most common definitions of music, based on its aesthetic dimension, to focus on other aspects of the musical work: its structure, its meaning, its effect on the listener, or the different characteristics of sound.

        Here, the poster is punctuated by its regular and strict structure, broken by the randomness of noise and displacement. The sounds are undoubtedly mixed, seeking in its construction to form new and unexpected compositions in the spectator, in the same way as noisy music.

The dynamic organization, evolving according to the grid, brings out new visual rhythms.

Animated and static visuals proposed in two formats (16:9 and 1:1) for the three student poles.
Journées portes ouvertes (2020)
⬤ Identité, Editorial

Identity proposal for the 2021 Open House of the Lycée Léonard de Vinci in Villefontaine, based on the three student poles.

︎︎︎ Highlighted on Cargoworld

        Here, the composition enters into tension with the format. The colored masses, with an unexpected aspect, as if in movement, overlap, avoid each other, thus opening a dialogue between them.
        The spirit of sharing and meeting is evoked here by these moving and spontaneous masses, evolving in the space in search of a contact. Assembling, dividing, deforming, they convey a feeling of proximity, as if seeking to open a discussion.

The juxtaposition of colors creates a singular visual vibration in the eye of the spectator.
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